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本文摘要:HONG KONG — In China, cheap smartphones made by relatively obscure companies aping branded designs are ubiquitous.香港——在中國,比較不著名的公司仿效名牌設計生產的廉價智能手機隨處可見。


HONG KONG — In China, cheap smartphones made by relatively obscure companies aping branded designs are ubiquitous.香港——在中國,比較不著名的公司仿效名牌設計生產的廉價智能手機隨處可見。Usually it is the major brands that go after the smaller companies for patent infringement. But one of China’s low-cost phone makers recently filed a patent complaint against Apple in the city of Beijing — and for now, it has won.一般來說是大品牌追究責任小公司侵害專利的責任。但最近,中國一家低價手機生產商在北京對蘋果(Apple)駁回專利受理——目前繼續獲得了勝利。

With an appeals process ahead, the ruling is unlikely to have a major impact on Apple. Still, the action spotlights the growing number of cases of municipal patent offices in China backing local companies against larger, international brands.由于接下來將轉入訴訟程序,這項判決不太可能給蘋果帶給大的影響。但這起案件突顯出在和更大的國際品牌的對付中,本土公司獲得中國地方專利局反對的案例更加多。According to a statement from the Beijing Intellectual Property Office, Apple infringed on a design patent used in a phone called the 100C, made by the Chinese phone maker Baili. The statement ordered Apple to stop selling certain older versions of the iPhone within Beijing, though an appeal of such a ruling to the courts in China usually forestalls any sales injunctions. 北京市知識產權局公布的一則通告稱之為,蘋果侵害了中國手機生產商佰利生產的100C手機用于的一項設計專利。

通告命令蘋果在北京停產iPhone的某些值得注意的型號,不過在中國,這類判決被告上法庭后一般來說不會再行暫停銷售禁令。Apple said it had appealed, and a sales clerk at the Apple Store in the Sanlitun area of Beijing said on Friday evening that the store had received no instructions to stop selling the iPhone models and that “it is business as usual.” At the store, a handful of iPhone 6 models stood mostly unused as shoppers tapped on the newer 6s models at a nearby table.蘋果稱之為已駁回訴訟。周五傍晚,北京市三里屯蘋果店的一名銷售人員稱之為該店并未接到停產涉及iPhone產品的命令,回應“照常營業”。

店內,幾部iPhone 6基本上都閑置著,顧客在體驗旁邊一張桌子上的新款iPhone 6s?!癐Phone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone SE models, are all available for sale today in China,” Apple said in a statement. “We appealed an administrative order from a regional patent tribunal in Beijing last month, and as a result the order has been stayed pending review by the Beijing I.P. Court.”“IPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus,以及iPhone 6s、iPhone 6s Plus和iPhone SE今日在華均有售,”蘋果在一則聲明中稱之為。

“我們對北京一個地區性專利機構上月公布的行政命令駁回了訴訟,因此該命令還須要拒絕接受北京知識產權法院的審查?!盩he new headache for Apple comes after increased regulatory pressure and problems in China. Recently, a Chinese company won the right to sell leather goods under the iPhone trademark after years of legal back and forth. And Apple’s movie and book services were shut down in the country shortly after they were introduced, a sign of more serious scrutiny from China’s media regulator. 在這件令人困惑的事情再次發生之前,蘋果在中國面對的監管壓力和問題正在激化。前不久,一家中國公司奪得了用于iPhone商標銷售皮具制品的權利。在這之前,雙方的法律糾紛持續了數年。



The Baili patent case pales in comparison to those troubles, though it underscores the day-to-day annoyances that can come with running a tech business in China.和那些問題比起,佰利專利案微不足道,但它凸顯了在中國經營一家科技企業可能會屢屢遇上的困難。The country has had its fair share of cases in which low-level manufacturers take on global brands. In perhaps the most famous, Apple paid $60 million to use the iPad trademark. 在中國,低端生產商挑戰國際品牌的案件相當多。

在其中一起也許最為人所知的案件中,蘋果為用于iPad商標繳納了6000萬美元。Patent issues like the one Apple has with Baili are common enough that a recent paper in the Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment Technology Law examined the topic. While the paper found that China’s patent system was not structured to benefit Chinese companies, it said there had been a number of recent “high-profile patent suits filed by relatively unknown Chinese firms against high-profile foreign tech companies like Apple, Samsung and Dell.” 像蘋果和佰利之間的這種專利問題十分廣泛。最近公開發表在《范德堡大學娛樂科技法期刊》(Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment Technology Law)上的一篇論文回應展開了研究。

盡管文章指出中國專利制度并非朝向不利于中國公司的方向展開建構,但它回應最近“比較不著名的中國公司對蘋果、三星(Samsung)和戴爾(Dell)等知名外國科技公司駁回了大量甚廣不受注目的專利訴訟”。Once a local intellectual property office in China finds an issue of infringement, companies can decide whether to appeal the matter. At that point, the issue typically is litigated or resolved via a settlement of some kind.在中國,被地方性的知識產權局確認侵權行為后,公司可要求否受理。




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